Victron Inverter Charger Firmware Updates

by Wayne Hunt

Afternoon all. One of the powerful advantages of using Victron Power Equipment is the firmware updates that you will see coming through the Victron Connect App from time to time.

While Victron don’t recommend you upgrade your firmware for the minor changes, as your system is set and working to the initial version. When there’s a major version upgrade, the you’ll be wanting to take advantages of the significantly improved technology on offer.

Adding Functionality: The Latest in Victron Updates

The benefit of these updates is adding greater functionality to your Victron products. One of the most recent was the “Low Temperature Charging Cut-off for LiFeP04 batteries in Solar Controllers. This addresses the issue of Lithium batteries not liking to be charged at 0 deg C or below.

Enhancements for Inverter Chargers

For those of you who have Victron Inverter Charges like the MultiPlus or Quattro, these units also have a firmware update available. This latest firmware contains a couple exciting enhancements for you.

Victron MultiPlus Inverter Charger alongside VictronConnect firmware update interface on digital screen.

Key Updates

Low Temperature Charge Cut Off

Prioritising Renewable Energy

The ability to prioritise solar and or wind over mains charging.

The Benefits of New Functionality

‘What does that mean’ I can hear some of you asking.

Historically when you are plugged into mains the charger comes on automatically and charges your batteries, as well as powering all your powerpoints and lights (if you have 230V lights) from mains.

The new functionality allows you to prioritise solar charging over mains charging.

Delving into the Technical Details

That’s the simple functionality explained, from here, I’ll delve a little deeper into the technical for those that are interested. As you would expect with Victron, there are good failsafe’s built in.

Built-in Failsafes and Battery Health

The first is around low battery level. We pre-set a low voltage to suit your batteries, so if solar is poor and the batteries reach the low threshold they will be topped up from mains, then revert to solar priority.

The next feature is around maintaining good battery health, if the batteries do not reach 100% after seven days, they will automatically be topped up to 100% after which solar priority will resume.

Finally, depending on the monitoring and control options you have, there is also a manual override available that will charge the batteries to 100% then revert to solar priority.

Updating Your Victron Firmware

While some individuals possess the technical skills and necessary equipment, such as a laptop and VPN access to the Victron software, for performing firmware updates, Victron devices demand precise and expert handling. Considering the complexity of the process and to preserve the integrity of your unit’s 5-year warranty, it’s advisable to entrust firmware upgrades to a certified Victron technician.

Motorhome Solar offers this specialized service for $99 inc GST, guaranteeing your firmware is expertly updated and your warranty protected.

Contact Us for Your Firmware Upgrade

Give us a call or email us to book your firmware upgrade. It should also be noted that for more mature units that are ten years plus old, we are not always able to upgrade the firmware.