“We hear a lot about Wayne Hunt and Motorhome Solar & Electrical in Hamilton – well I want to add a bit more to that – I intended on spending a week at my much loved Monkey Island this last week – all set with my new fridge/freezer, and the geni on hand just in case I had any issues…. well boy did I have issues… whilst the weather wasn’t great – my solar wasn’t keeping up, and my levels would slump the moment I turned the geni off…. was in contact with Wayne over the weekend, and by Monday had his offsider Steve in Waimate call me with my permission.

I had already decided now would be the best time to head to Waimate for my free solar assessment, if Steve had time to deal with it. Arrived on Tuesday and greeted by Steve and his wife Fiona, a lovely couple who were so accomodating and couldn’t do enough for me.

It was quickly established I had one “munted” battery, and was never going to have enough solar to maintain what I wanted particularly in the deep south.

Steve has the same ability as Wayne to explain all this jargon in a very clear way that was easy to understand, and Fiona is also very knowledgeable and a great right hand man to Steve. He was understanding of my “KISS” (keep it simple stupid) which my Dad taught me – I didn’t need fancy, I just needed reliable. He even didn’t mind (or didn’t let on) me helping a bit with little stuff!

Well as it turns out – I left with the victron smartshunt and smartsolar, along with 2 new batteries and a huge 400w panel with the ability to upgrade further if I need it.

Now I’m forever checking my great bluetooth app and marvelling at the great numbers I’m seeing!! Very happy with the results.

Don’t hesitate to have the Waimate branch do work for you – you won’t regret it – easily worth me travelling the distance to know the job is well done. :)”

Donna Hotop

Cannot praise this guy enough … had a problem with power early this morning … when we got up later this morning texted Wayne Hunt to ask him for advice … he was in Whakatane … we at HoraHora … he said he would call into us on his way back to Hamilton … what a guy … talk about service … all sorted!

Marge Leith

“Thank you so much Wayne Hunt for the complete refit of our solar power system on our 2008 Dreamtime. A bit of a wow moment being able to monitor all controllers and know what is really going on with the house and engine batteries. The “boys” make a great team and take pride in their workmanship. Can’t speak highly enough of them and now have peace of mind.”

Tony and Rosemary Vaughan

“A big thumbs up to Wayne Hunt from Motorhome Solar in Hamilton. At very short notice he helped us out when our house batteries failed. He and his team were a joy to work with and the quality of workmanship is superb, highly recommended.”

Craig Elliot

“Over the moon with my new solar panels, switch panels, fridge, all the work I have had done by motorhome solar and electrical. Wayne and his team were quick. It’s like a new bus. Feeling safe now is the best!”

Sandy Vowles

“I have just had a solar fitted on MH. After reading many positive posts on different websites I went to Wayne at Motorhome Solar NZ in Hamilton.

I had watched a video someone had recorded of a workshop Wayne had done. What a pleasant experience as a solo female traveller. I sometimes wonder if I am getting the run around (no, that’s a lie, definitely had the run around), to have someone want the best for your and your MoHo but not pushy, go see Wayne. He and his offsiders are a thoroughly decent bunch of blokes.

So looking forward to summer on the road this year. Thanks Wayne, and ya mates.”

Sue Gollan

“Lovely weekend at Lake Narato until the trip home. We called into the supermarket about 6:00 pm to get a few things for home, went to get back into the bus and it didn’t go. We thought, “Oh no, thank goodness for Campercare – will ring them and get assistance.”

They sent a guy out and he didn’t want to know at all … said just take out the 12-volt batteries and charge them overnight. Then he left. How were we going to get home?!

Lucky I was able to ring my brother 20 minutes away to come and get us. I was so lucky to have Wayne Hunt who offered to come all the way from Hamilton to help us. Lucky the question my hubby asked the On-Road Assistance, “Can we get it going with charging from 24 volts to 12 volts?”

On-Road said we couldn’t, but Wayne said yes you can, and he explained how to do it.

We followed my brother home and we are now safe – with no thanks to Campercare or who they sent out. I will ring tomorrow and complain, not happy at all!

Thank you Wayne Hunt, a true friend who will take the time to go out of his way for anyone.”

testimonial for battery and solar system set up

Glenda Betterton

“I would like to thank Wayne Hunt for replacing our power meter so promptly. We were in Kaikoura last week when we discovered it was not working. Wayne kindly contacted us and diagnosed the problem. We have arrived in Hamilton and Wayne has just put the new meter in. This was outstanding service, thank you Wayne.”

Marg Sutherland

“Woke up this morning very grateful to Wayne Hunt from Motorhome Solar 🙏. Not only did Wayne service my bus🚍 with new house batteries, new solar panels, hands-free stereo and above and beyond service (this was about two years ago), he answered my phone calls at all hours when I was freaking out about my power readings. But this morning I am absolutely thankful for the diesel heater he recommended and installed 🔥 I just push the button right next to my bed, wait a few minutes and I’m in a toasty warm bus. Thanks again Wayne, you rock🤘👌👍”

Marg Smith

“A massive thank you and a shout out to an absolute legend! Wayne Hunt gave his personal time and expertise to guide me in the correct direction with an inverter installation. This guy knows his stuff … Can’t thank you enough Wayne. Cheers 🥂”

Timothy John Pierce

“Wayne Hunt you are a star in my books! Spent time with him yesterday and learnt so much. He did a full solar audit on my vehicle and his knowledge and advice was brilliant. Can’t thank him enough and highly recommend. Thank you Wayne Hunt.”

Trixie McManus

“Hi. I have had some work done by Wayne Hunt. He is so knowledgeable he goes above and beyond doing for you. We feel very satisfied with all he has done and would highly recommend him for any solar and electrical work you need doing. Thanks Wayne.”

Donna Maree Jarvis

“Cannot praise this guy enough … had a problem with power early this morning … when we got up later this morning texted Wayne Hunt to ask him for advice … he was in Whakatane … we at HoraHora … he said he would call into us on his way back to Hamilton … what a guy … talk about service … all sorted!”

Marge Leith