A Solar System Upgrade

A Solar System Upgrade

Part of the Christmas Upgrade

I wanted a cleaner look in the main battery box on the lithium bank, the cables are 95mm2 feeding the Victron 12/3000-120 inverter charger and DC distribution.

relion lithium batteries
Lithium Batteries on Wayne Hunt’s Rig
Photo by Wayne Hunt

Inverter Charger Box

In the inverter charger box I have installed 2 x Victron Orion TR Smart 24/12-30 DCDC units to replace the original aux 12V alternator to charge the lithium’s while driving, these are automated in that they auto start based on alternator output as well as having remote override on the dash.

solar power set up
Solar Power Setup on Waynes Hunt’s Rig
Photo by Wayne Hunt
Also installed a 2 way battery switch to isolate my batteries and allow the 5mtr coil of 35mm2 to be used to charge anyone who needs charging via solar or the onboard 3.6KV genset.
The isolator and two way battery switch are MarineCo Professional series through BEP.