Solar Panel Kits for Your Motorhome Adventures

Go DIY with Confidence, with our solar panel kits tailored for your motorhome adventures.

So, you’re keen on solar for your motorhome, but you’d prefer a DIY approach?

You’re after a kit, but with limited experience, how can you ensure you’re making the right choice?
What if you encounter questions or challenges along the way?
Motorhome Solar bridges that gap. We provide customised solar panel kits that are:
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Tailored to Your Energy Needs

Every motorhome journey is unique. We design our solar panel and battery kits to match your specific energy consumption, ensuring you’re always powered up.

DIY motorhome solar

Perfect Fit for All Motorhome Models

Avoid the pitfalls of generic kits. Our solar panel kits are crafted to integrate seamlessly with various motorhome models, ensuring efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

motorhome solar panel kit

Optimised for New Zealand's Climate

Whether you’re by the sunny beaches or in the cooler mountain regions, our kits are designed for New Zealand’s diverse weather conditions, ensuring optimal energy generation.

Icon depicting a motorhome with a solar solution in a New Zealand setting


Our solar panels kits for sale are an investment. While there’s an initial cost, the long-term savings and efficiency of a tailored kit make it a wise choice.

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Support and Guidance

Our commitment goes beyond providing kits. Whether you have questions about your off-grid solar setup or seek installation advice, we’re always here to guide you.

How Our Solar Panel Kits Process Works

1. Free Energy Audit

We evaluate your motorhome’s energy needs, ensuring a tailored solution.

2. Customised Plan

Based on the audit, we design a solar panel kit that aligns with your needs.

3. Kit Assembly

We handpick quality components, from solar panels to the 12v solar charger kit, ensuring compatibility and durability.

4. Delivery & Support

After delivering your kit, we remain available for any questions or guidance you might need.

Key Benefits of Our Solar Panel Kits

Sustainable Energy

Opt for an eco-friendly solar panel kit and reduce your carbon footprint.


Our solar panels kits for sale provide maximum value, leading to significant savings over time.

Travel Unhindered

With our off-grid solar kit, explore New Zealand’s remote corners without power worries.

Unparalleled Support

From queries about the 12v solar charger kit to installation tips, our team is always ready to assist.