Unplugged and Loving It: The Story of a Semi-Retired Couple’s Off-Grid Adventure

Imagine living off the grid in a caravan or motorhome, with enough power to enjoy both work and leisure.


Greg and Sandy Corbett are enjoying the freedom of travelling and working wherever and whenever they like, with almost endless energy to operate satellite, laptops, phones and TV.

When the Corbett’s had a health scare a few years ago, they knew it was time to pursue their dream of travelling New Zealand, exploring our many beaches, and enjoying a different pace of life.

However, they quickly discovered that their 24-foot Jayco came with an inadequate solar system.

Greg is semi-retired and works online using the internet via Starlink Satellite. So, on top of the usual caravan appliances, there are laptops and phones that need to operate reliably.

Greg and Sandy also operate a YouTube channel about their experiences with the off-grid lifestyle (Check out Kiwi Wanderers on Youtube or watch the video below)

greg and sandy corbett enjoying off grid freedom

“Johnny, Chris and Wendy were fantastic to deal with up there – actually the whole team were brilliant. They really listened and produced a fantastic result.”


Motorhome Solar created a customised solar power upgrade for the Maws, including 2 x 200w solar panels with lithium batteries.

The setup included USB ports for charging phones and also powers their new smart TV.

More importantly, they have never worried about their fridge or heater losing power again.

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Park Wherever You Want Without Having to Plug In

When the Corbett’s travel around the South Island, where the days are shorter and the sun is often lower, they can usually stay off-grid for 4-5 days.

But when in the North Island they can stay off-grid almost indefinitely! The only restriction they face is taking on fresh water and disposing of the other stuff.

“When you have to explore every beach it takes a while,” says Greg. “We reckon we’ve achieved 10% so far.” They couldn’t have done it without such a capable and reliable solar system.

Greg goes on to say that they don’t even have to give too much thought to their system in order to stay off-grid for so long.

“While we don’t leave the inverter on unnecessarily, it’s more a matter of being aware of it than actively managing it. It’s great not having to worry about the batteries going flat any more.

Greg and Sandy “absolutely” recommend contacting Motorhome Solar if you want to travel unplugged in comfort.

Motorhome Solar start with a free assessment of your vehicle and lifestyle requirements. They’ll outline your options and design a customised solar system, once you decide what you want. Motorhome Solar can then do the upgrade for you or provide detailed plans that you can give to your own electrician.

Do you want the freedom to be able to park wherever you like without plugging in? Are there any appliances that you just can’t live without? Do you need to charge E-bikes or laptops, have a modem or even run an air conditioner?

Motorhome Solar and Electrical can help you do that.

It’s time to stop worrying about running out of power. Make sure your vehicle will provide you with the level of comfort you want – then get on and enjoy it!

Book a free, no-obligation, lifestyle power assessment for your vehicle with Motorhome Solar. (Assessments can be done in person in Hamilton, or via phone or Facetime if you can’t get your vehicle to Hamilton).

Wayne Hunt

CEO, Motorhome Solar

Book a Free Caravan or Motorhome Power Assessment with Motorhome Solar

In person at our branch in Hamilton, or remotely from anywhere in the country.
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