A Few Things To Know About Inverters

Afternoon all. I’ve been fielding a lot more questions than usual on inverters, so thought I would write some basics.

A great analogy would be to think of our cars as our battery, our loads as a trailer and the fuel tank as our solar.

That might help understand the relationship between the three.

The larger the load the more powerful the vehicle needed to tow that load and the larger the fuel tank to run the vehicle.

You wouldn’t tow a big caravan with a small hatchback, you might get a wee way down the road, but it will start overheating, the transmission will start to protest and the brakes will get hot.


Why? Because it’s not fit for purpose.



Think of a single 100Ah battery as a small car, it will handle small loads like low amp charging etc but if you try to run a coffee machine or charge ebike batteries it will start to protest.

It might work a few times but like the car, who’s clutch is now slipping it won’t last as long as it should.

If we move up to a mid sized car, we can do a lot more with it, so that’s our 200Ah battery bank with its larger fuel tank to handle the load.

So a coffee machine will be okay a few times a day, some ebike charging, limited microwave etc.



Frequency does come into play if you drink 10 coffees a day you will prob need a bigger vehicle (battery bank with bigger fuel tank (more solar).

If you want to use hair dryers, coffee machines, e-bikes, microwave, toaster.



You need a good quality tow vehicle with plenty of power, read as battery bank 300Ah or greater, so you have the power but you also need the big fuel tank to feed the engine (big solar).

The one big difference with solar, if you need 400W to meet your needs and you use your vehicle in winter you actually need 800W as the harvest in winter is only half of what you get in summer.



This is one reason there can be several correct answers to the same question.

You might read, we have xyz batteries and abc solar and we use all these appliances and never run out.

But what isn’t said is that they only use the rig in summer so only need half the solar of a full timer.


“The above is meant a guide to give a basic understanding, the battery references are based on AGM’s. If you have lithium the size of bank will be smaller. Hope that helps.”