Insights from “Powered By Sunshine: Solar Power Systems for RVs

When journalist Lisa Jansen sought an industry expert to illuminate the complexities of RV solar systems for her article in “Motorhome Caravans and Destinations,” the community encouraged her to approach Wayne Hunt of Motorhome Solar. Here are the main points from their discussion, and a link to the complete article on the “Motorhome Caravans and Destinations NZ” website.

Solar Power System Components

Solar Panels

The article emphasizes selecting high-quality panels and the advancements that have improved their efficiency. Wayne highlights the performance differences between older and newer models.


Discussion centers on the benefits of lithium iron phosphate over AGM batteries, particularly in terms of longevity and cost-effectiveness, with Wayne emphasizing the long-term benefits of lithium despite its higher upfront cost.

Solar Controllers

The difference between PWM and MPPT controllers is explained, with a recommendation for MPPT for its superior performance.

Shunts and Inverters

Describes the role of shunts in monitoring system health and inverters for running household appliances.

Magazine opened to article, aerial view

Custom Solar Solutions

Wayne provides insights into tailoring solar power systems based on the unique needs of different travellers, from minimalists to luxury users, underscoring the necessity of personalised setups.

Additional Considerations

The importance of having alternative charging options and understanding the impact of environmental factors on solar efficiency are also explored.

A Note On Imagery

While the article features stock images, it is important to note that these do not reflect the superior quality and meticulous installations performed by Motorhome Solar. These images are used for illustrative purposes only.

For a comprehensive understanding of RV solar power systems and expert advice tailored to your travel style, we encourage reading the full article.