How an Ex-Rental Became a Solar Powered Off-Grid Superstar

Would you like to travel around New Zealand for weeks or even months on end?

Keith and Brenda Maw have been off-grid for two months and didn’t even need to plugin on rainy days!

Keith and Brenda retired a few years ago and picked up an ex-rental Mercedes Sprinter campervan.

On paper it looked great – until some rubbish weather closed in on them and the fridge started losing charge, and they couldn’t use the heater either. The 120w stick-on solar panel wasn’t cutting it.

So, they did some research and everywhere they went they heard about Motorhome Solar. Then they bumped into the team at the motorhome show at Mystery Creek.

It didn’t take them long to conclude that Motorhome Solar were not just better value for money – they were friendlier and more helpful too.

“Motorhome Solar were absolutely brilliant,” says Keith. “Nothing was ever a problem for them.”

Motorhome Solar created a customised solar power upgrade for the Maws, including 2 x 200w solar panels with lithium batteries.

The setup included USB ports for charging phones and also powers their new smart TV.

More importantly, they have never worried about their fridge or heater losing power again.

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Park Wherever You Want To Without Having to Plug In

Keith and Brenda are in the middle of their longest adventure to date. This has included some absolutely shocking weather including constant rain for days on end.

The lowest their system ever got down to was 48%. The next day it charged back up to over 70% even though there was still constant showers.

Keith says, “we just set it and forget it. I can’t fault Motorhome Solar’s service, and I can’t fault their product!”

Keith and Brenda “absolutely” recommend contacting Motorhome Solar if you want to travel unplugged in comfort.

Motorhome Solar start with a free assessment of your vehicle and lifestyle requirements. They’ll outline your options and design a customised solar system, once you decide what you want. Motorhome Solar can then do the upgrade for you or provide detailed plans that you can give to your own electrician.

Do you want the freedom to be able to park wherever you like without plugging in? Are there any appliances that you just can’t live without? Do you need to charge E-bikes or laptops, have a modem or even run an air conditioner?

Motorhome Solar and Electrical can help you do that.

Book a Free Caravan or Motorhome Power Assessment with Motorhome Solar

In person at our branch in Hamilton, or remotely from anywhere in the country.
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