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Wayne Hunt and Vicky Danrell


Wayne has had a lifetime exposure to solar, first introduced to it by his dad, who was an Industrial Electrician. Purchasing his first caravan in 1995 began a passion that has grown exponentially and led him to creating Motorhome Solar Ltd.

He did his apprenticeship and spent many years working around NZ and for the NZ Navy. He has owned several businesses, including a Payroll Company, breeding horses, and worked in Mental Health. He has travelled the world and particularly enjoyed working in the Australian Outback as a Procurement & Supply Chain Officer for Rio Tinto, Top Energy and ABB. During which he spent it camping in a Landcruiser with a roof top tent and became accustomed to high temperatures! He is the only one around here that enjoys the heat, no matter what!

In 2019, Wayne & Vicky bought a motorhome and started travelling, and during this time many conversations were had around solar power with people they met. It did not take long for everyone to encourage Wayne to add his knowledge to the industry. Motorhome Solar Ltd was born from the back of a Tiida, soon went to a small garage and three more buildings in quick succession before our current location with a 500sqm office and workshop, which we are outgrowing already.

Wayne is all round great guy who gives his time and knowledge freely and is somewhat of a legend in NZ Solar circles. He’s always researching something new, which allows us to progress our business and offer our clients the absolute latest and greatest technology.
Vicky is a retired Counsellor who is an avid gardener and vintage enthusiast. She loves to travel and is an integral part of our social networking.

Vicky and Wayne have six children between them and 7 grandies! They spend as much time as they can travelling and enjoying valuable time with their families.

Allan | Solar Consultant

Allan is an A-Grade Mechanical Engineer with 20 years of experience. Moving somewhat sideways, he spent many years managing a large hydroponics company and has led large teams of people in various industries since, including his own business. He has an incredible knowledge of solar, lives full-time with his lovely wife in their motorhome and is a very valuable resource to us.

Allan loves to travel, is an avid mountain bike and tramping enthusiast and thoroughly enjoys working on the solar of his home. Quite passionate about blowing stuff up!!!

Chris A Lead Technician and Safety Officer

Originally from Zimbabwe, with a lovely English lilt, Chris has been in NZ for 18 years. He’s worked in a variety of industries from metal fabrication workshops, medical electronic devices, kiwifruit packaging machinery, and food production machinery.

His skill base is incredibly varied and can just about put his hand to anything! He thoroughly enjoys the daily problem-solving challenges that the workshop faces, from bare rebuilds to changing out overseas voltage and all the complicated but unique needs each motorhome has. He has a lovely big booming laugh that can be heard for miles and is a great positive influence on all the team.

Chris, in his spare time, enjoys being a new Dad, fishing, kayaking, tramping and cruising around our beautiful country.

Cullen | Workshop Supervisor

Cullen is the youngest member of our team but has the most experience of any roof equipment installations.

He has come from a background in Customer Service and IT, which makes him awesome to work with and a great ambassador for us and our services. He is going to train into a limited electrical position this year and really looking forward to it.

Cullen has recently bought a home with his partner and spends most of his time away from work renovating.

Daisy | Web Sales and Social Media

Daisy is our Website and Social Media guru. She has been an integral link in developing our website and is managing website sales. She is a great support in the office when the phones ring off the hook!

Daisy spent a few years working for a large hardware company and has studied Movie Animation in Auckland recently.

Daisy really enjoys gaming and loves to hang out with family.

Gary | Registered Electrical Inspector

Gary is our latest recruit and has already contributed greatly to our company. He has been in the electrical industry most of his life, working across domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. He has spent time in electrical wholesale and apprentice training. He is assisting several of our staff to complete electrical qualifications, which is of great benefit to the whole team and our customers.

Gary and his wife have 6 kids and love spending time on their lifestyle block and is a self-confessed armchair sports enthusiast.

Johnny | Operations and Logistics Manager

Johnny is an Auto Electrician with 12 years’ experience under his belt. He has managed several workshops and has spent a great deal of his time here sharpening our practices, homing in on improving processes and increasing the services we’re able to provide. He keeps the entire workshop entertained and motivated.

Johnny rebuilds cars from scratch as a hobby and is right into movies and music.

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